General OAS

Please attend the emergency meeting on Dec 27th


The Oklahoma Avicultural Society is seeking volunteers for the board positions of President, and Treasurer. Someone also needs to volunteer to be the Bird Fair Committee Chairman. This message is for all members whose membership dues are current and for life long members.

Our club needs your help, so please volunteer or our club will be dissolved. The club is having an emergency meeting on Wednesday,  Dec 27 at the Village Inn located at 31st and Harvard.  The time is 7:00 PM

The club cannot exist without the positions of President and Treasurer being filled, as well as the remaining position of Bird Fair Committee Chairman.  We can't host a successful bird fair without a committee chairman, someone willing to commit the time and effort. It's a big job and we only have small group of dedicated (and  tired) people working very hard to put on every bird fair.

 We are down to the wire now, in making the final decisions as to the survival or dissolution of OAS.

If OAS is dissolved, that means, no monthly meetings for fellowship with other bird owners and no guest speakers sharing important information about living with our birds.  It also means, the end of the OAS bird fairs.
Only you members, through your participation, can save the club. Please come to the meeting and help make the final decisions about the future of our club.

General Meeting Sunday, August 27, 2017

  This Sunday's meeting is very important as we will hear from Debbie Davis about her recent trip to the national AFA convention (American Federation of Aviculture)  In addition to valuable information regarding the care and feeding of our feathered friends, the AFA is a key source for news on pending legislation affecting pet bird ownership. 
Our next bird fair is coming up very soon: Saturday, Sept 9th.  Doors open at 9:00 and we are desperately in need of more volunteers to make the show a success.  It's a very long day filled with hard work, but it's rewarding to know we are providing an extremely important service to bird owners, big and small.  Ours is one of the only bird fairs in the region and without more help from volunteers, we cannot continue staffing this truly important event.  You can sign-up to volunteer at Sunday's meeting, but if you can't make it to the meeting, please drop us a note and let us know your available times, so we can add you to the volunteer list.  Also please include your phone number and email address.
This will be our fourth fair at the Tulsa fairgrounds.  It's a wonderful venue with plenty of space, convenient parking and available concessions.