October 2017

Help Wanted!!!! Next Club Meeting


Love parrots? Love meeting people who love parrots too? The Oklahoma Avicultural Society is seeking to elect new board members. Nominations for the First VP - Chairman of the Publications and Advertising Committee. Lisa Woodworth is the current First VP and has been renominated; Second VP - Chairman of the Program Committee - Vicki Eckert has been nominated for this position; Secretary - April Bearhead has been nominated for this position; Board Member at Large - Kathleen Jones has been nominated for this position. The positions of President, Treasurer, and the American Federation of Aviculture Delegate need to be filled. The club is also looking for a website manager and Bird Fair Coordinator. Current paid members and lifetime members please consider nominating for any position. Our club needs your help to continue being a club. The club will be dissolved if we don't get new board members. Our next club meeting will be on October 22 at the Hardesty Regional Library. Due to Dr Walt Frey being unavailable, we will be showing new DVD's on the birds of Australia. Refreshment committee has selected the Mexican theme for casseroles. We will be voting for new board members or voting on dissolving the club.

Debbie Davis
OAS President

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