Cooking for Pets


Cooked and Raw Ingredients

When cooking for your pets, its is important to remember that care should be taken in several areas:

Cooking Utensils

Non-stick surfaces can produce toxic elements. Aluminum products give off aluminum salt which may be toxic. Use glass, ceramic or stainless steel.


Cooking at temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit usually destroys natural enzymes.


Cooked food which is left out for more than an hour or so can develop bacteria and molds which may be harmful. Remove uneaten cooked foods within an hour if they contain meat sources or raw fruits. Pasta products should not be left out for more than 4 hours. Cooking may or may not remove bacteria and salmonella.

Raw Vegetables & Fruits

Once cut up and exposed to air, bacteria and molds can start to grow. It is best to use low-moisture, naturally dried fruits which have not been treated with chemical preservatives or mold inhibitors. Wash fresh fruit thoroughly.

Fresh Nuts

Make sure fresh nuts are unprocessed and do not have salt added.


Read the label. Refined carbohydrates (sugar, dextrose, etc.) put extra stress on the pancreatic gland and may cause a problem with sugar metabolism. Dried fruits are the best source rather than added sugar or dextrose.

Adding Vitamins & Minerals

A Liquid vitamins deteriorate rapidly. In most cases, vitamin potency is lost after a few hours. Liquid vitamins should be replaced after 24 hours.

B Dry vitamins mixed with foods are more stable

C It is better to put vitamins into mixtures after cooking.

D Adding “mega-doses” of vitamins and minerals can lead to nutrient imbalances which create vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Always follow label directions.


Before using medications or antibiotics, please consult your veterinarian. Antibiotics can destroy certain beneficial bacteria in the system which can lead to nutritional problems. Prolonged use of certain antibiotics can cause certain disease carrying bacteria to become antibiotic resistant.

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