Dangers to Birds


There are many dangers for birds in your house. Make’ sure your house is ‘bird safe’. If It is safe for a baby, it will be safe for a pet bird.

  1. Close the toilet seat cover on all toilets (the bird can drown in the water).
  2. Store or dispose of all chemicals, plants, hot grease, soapy water (they love water) to where your bird can’t get to them.
  3. Do not put the cage near or against curtains (they will chew on them and get their legs caught) or any other household items the bird can chew on.
  4. Wood burning stoves, fireplaces, Teflon cookware and Teflon coated items give off fumes that can kill your bird.
  5. Keep plants away from the bird so they cannot chew (almost all plant leaves and stems are poisonous to birds).
  6. Put all electrical cords in PVC pipe or other protective piping, if possible (the birds will chew the cords and electrocute themselves).
  7. Hot light bulbs can burn your bird.
  8. Before you take your bird out of the cage, be sure all ceiling fans are turned off and have stopped rotating. Spinning ceiling fan blades can kill or maim your bird.
  9. When your bird is out of the cage, insure someone in the family is attending to it to keep it company and to protect it from its own curiosity and chewing habits.

Have a happy time with your pet bird. Give it plenty of love and attention and you will have a wonderful companion for many years to come.

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