The following table covers a few of the factors needed to make an educated decision on the proper disinfectant/cleansing agent for your aviary:

CHLORHEXIDINE (Nolvasan/Chlorhexiderm)


  • Minimal toxicity of diluted mixture
  • Kills some Gram Negative Bacteria


  • Does not kiil Chlamydia, some strains of Pseudomonas or Polyoma
  • Diluted mixture good for only 24 hours
  • Costly - $0.42/day
  • Does not penetrate organic material

GLUTARALDEHYDE (Cidex/Wavicide) Advantages:

  • Kills majority of viruses, bacteria and fungal organisms
  • Moderate cost - $0.29/day
  • Can penetrate organic debris


  • Toxic to birds, humans and environment *Not biodegradable
  • Corrosive to feeding utensils
  • Chemically related to formaldehyde

SODIUM HYDPCHLORITE (Bleach/Chloros/Purex)


  • Kills most viruses, bacteria and fungal organisms even when diluted 1:10
  • Inexpensive - $0.10/day


  • Stable for 6 hours when diluted
  • Not biodegradable
  • Caustic to avian and human tissue
  • Corrosive to some metals and plastics
  • Does not penetrate organic debris very well

CHLORINE DIOXIDE (Oxyfresh Dentagene/Oxyfresh Cleansing Gel).


  • Kills Polyoma Virus, NewCastle Virus, all types of bacteria and fungal organisms
  • Penetrates organic material
  • Stable for 7 days
  • Moderate cost - $0.39/day
  • Manufacturer supports Avian Research by donating a percentage of sales