February General Meeting



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On Sunday, February 24, come join the OAS bird lovers while we carry on Mardi Gras.  We'll have various snacks and socialize starting at 1:30, have a brief business meeting at 2:00, then get information from Soft Landing Parrot Rescue on alternatives for when a parrot needs to be rehomed.

Among the items in the business portion of the meeting will be the final preparations for the upcoming Spring Fling Bird Fair on March 2.  This is the last meeting before the fair, so we need members to come sign up for the various activities that make this club's semi-annual events the best in the region.  Many things have already been done by the Board, but live bodies make it easier to cover the eight hours of the show, plus set up and clean up.  Please check your calendar to know what times you can help.

And speaking of the Fair, we are always grateful for items to be raffled at the big raffle table.  Remember they don't have to be bird related, even though there are often donations from the vendors of everything from cages and toys to seed and pellets.  But some of the items from the past that have received the most interest have included jewelry, decorating accessories and other non-bird stuff.  And the Club Table will have a Kindle Fire for raffle too.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday, 2/24 and at the Fair on Saturday, 3/2.

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  1. Mary Hill

    Those of you that didn't get to attend the general OAS meeting on Feb. 24th missed a good one. Great food and socializing with lots of bird folks. The program was excellent. We found out about the Soft Landings Parrot Rescue from Owasso, OK. The Moser's have started what clearly is a passion for them. I was very impressed by the procedures they have in place when they take a bird into their program with respect to quarantine, disease testing based on the environment the bird has been in, nutrition intervention, training and general overall evaluation of the bird. They also work with prospective adopters with home visits and education. They work with a local veterinarian but also have utilized the Avian resources at the Oklahoma State University School of Veterinary Medicine and Dr. Echolls. Very professional indeed. I wish them continued good luck in their endeavors and would predict if they keep their program focused and stick with their rules/procedures, they should do very well. Looking forward to them being a part of the local Avian Community.