Another Successful Bird Fair


2013 Spring Fling

Our most recent production--Spring Fling--happened on Saturday, March 2.  There were over 500 paid admissions to visit with the 40 vendors from across the country who brought all the things a bird could want, plus birds to add to your family.  If you missed it, I'm posting some pictures of the day's events.

Crowd in hallway Shoppers in LJO boothMacaws & cages for sale

As you can tell, there was a lot to see and experience.  If you made this show, plan to come to the Fall Fair in September, and bring your friends and family!

I want to take a moment to acknowledge all the work (blood, sweat and tears included) that the volunteers put in to make these fairs the quality that they are.  The Board members, particularly, were the bones and major contributors of their time and energy.  And that is particularly important to note when one considers that the median age of the seven current Board members is over 50, and we've had some health issues to overcome.  But because it is important to us that these fairs continue to offer the public the opportunity to find a new avian member of the family, to upgrade that bird's cage and toys, or to buy bulk products, we put forth that effort.

Now the fact that the current board is older is no reflection on the age of people who are invited to be members of the club.  We welcome everyone who is interested in caged birds, whether finches or Macaws, to be a part of this organization.  The funds we raise from these all-volunteer (no one is paid) events go to bring top-notch speakers who specialize in various bird species and concerns to our monthly meetings, to send representatives to the national AFA conventions, and to donate to organizations which promote the health and well-being of pet birds, and the welfare of wild birds and their habitats.

Visitor w-member black palm cockatoo

Some of our members brought their pets to the fair.  The Black Palm Cockatoo is one of the most exotic that we've seen, but by no means the only special member of our bird family.  We have members with Hyacinth Macaws, a variety of cockatoos, African greys, and other smaller parrots, and those birds sometimes come to our monthly meetings.

So, again, if you missed this fair, please put the September fair on your calendar.  It's Saturday, September 7, and will be held at the same Green Country Event Center.  And while you're marking your calendar, Sunday, March 24th is our next meeting.  Our guest speaker is Robin Shewokis, a nationally known speaker (one of those we bring in with funds from the fairs!).  Hope you will come hear her speak.  See you there!