Another Successful Bird Fair


2 curious b&gIf you didn't make it out to the Indian Summer Exotic Bird Fair yesterday, you missed a great event.  At times you couldn't stir the crowd with a stick.  Several members of a hobbyist photography group took some great pictures, some of which will be posted here and on our Facebook page.  Also check out what Bill Dungan posted at Flicker and this B&G photo.

These semi-annual events could not be possible if it weren't for the extraordinary volunteer efforts of the club members, and especially the Board members.  Several people commented that this was a better show than some they have attended that are produced by for-profit companies which have paid staff.  That is satisfying to hear since these hours are given outside the jobs worked to support our birdy habits.  To all these great volunteers, a round of applause.

And a great big thank you to all the vendors, and the public who came to buy from them.  The monies we make from these events go to bird research and rescue organizations, and to bring in speakers to our monthly meetings.  If you haven't attended one of our meetings, you're invited anytime.  We're always happy to spread the word about our wonderful pets and how to best provide for them.  Come to the next meeting on September 22 at the Hardesty Library starting at 2:00.  We'd really like to see you.


  1. Elaine

    Are you aware of any other bird show events coming up in the area?
    Thank you

    • KarenO

      Elaine, I understand there is a company that puts on pet events in OKC that also has birds. I don't have any information on them, but perhaps you can find it through an internet search.

      If you're trying to find particular birds, you may want to attend our next meeting on Sunday, 9/22. We meet at Hardesty Library (off Memorial and the Creek Turnpike) at 2:00. This month our speakers are the representatives who went to the national convention. They always have interesting information gleaned from that, so you may want to check us out.

      OAS Webmaster

  2. Elaine

    I am in search of a local breeder of Canaries and White Doves. Do you know of any local?
    Thank you.

    I was out of town and missed your show this weekend, hated missing it. Hopefully you will be able to help with my request.