about-photoThe Oklahoma Avicultural Society, a Tulsa-based bird club, has been serving the needs of the avian community in Eastern Oklahoma, parts of Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas since the late 1980's. OAS is dedicated to educating present and future bird owners, as well as the general public, on aspects of aviculture and proper care of avian companions.

Our membership is a diverse group of people of all ages. Some share their homes with a single companion parrot, while others have many feathered friends. Some just have pet birds, and others have pets and breed birds, too. Other members are in the process of gathering information before choosing a life-long feathered companion to add to their family. But what we all have in common is our love for birds.

So, if you are looking to broaden your knowledge and enjoyment of birds, please attend our next meeting. Each month, usually on the fourth Sunday,  we have programs with guest speakers who entertain and educate us with talks, videos and question/answer sessions on bird-related subjects.

The OAS Newsletter is sent out to members. Inside you will find valuable articles, tips, stories and information and details on upcoming meetings, speakers, classified ads and other club information.

We also sponsor two annual Bird Fairs, the "Spring Fling" in March and "Indian Summer" in September. Both are this region's largest fairs and attract local and national vendors and bird breeders.

Do come and join us. We, and our birds, extend a warm welcome to you!

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The objectives of the Oklahoma Avicultural Society are:

  • to promote quality of birds along sound avicultural lines
  • to monitor legislative activity that might threaten, endanger or otherwise affect the avicultural community
  • to obtain and distribute information by educational speakers, exhibits and general fellowship necessary to compliment the keeping, raising and breeding of caged birds
  • to support and assist other organizations with similar goals or interests, whether state, national or international

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