Forum Guidelines

caws1Please take a minute to go over the Rules...

Anyone can participate in the Discussion Groups or place a Classified Ad using this service offered by the Oklahoma Avicultural Society (OAS).

It is the policy of the Oklahoma Avicultural Society to only allow the promotion of events sponsored by non-profit bird-related groups or the promotion of fundraisers which benefit non-profit bird-related activities on the OAS Forums.

No advertising is permitted in the Discussion Groups. Use the Classifieds Ads board if you have a bird and/or bird-related item you need to sell.

Advertisements must be for birds or bird-related items wanted or for sale. No ads for dead birds or bird parts are permitted, except for naturally molted feathers.

OAS promotes the buying and selling of only baby birds that have been properly weaned to anyone other than a very experienced handfeeder with that species. Any advertisements on the OAS Forums for unweaned baby birds will be removed.

No arguments or flaming! Please keep those private, they do not belong in the Discussion Groups. Respect each other and each other's points of view and opinions. Agree to disagree.

No profanity or foul language. This could get you suspended or banned from the Forum.

If you have a medical question, it is best to consult with a qualified Avian Veterinarian regarding health matters. Be cautious about offering medical advice. Please do not risk the health or life of your bird.

OAS reserves the right to remove any posting or advertisement found to be out of line or offensive.

These forums are for your fun, entertainment, information and fellowship. Please ENJOY!

Disclaimer: The Oklahoma Avicultural Society, its Officers and Board Members, are not responsible for the accuracy of the information posted. The messages represent the opinions of those who have posted and the OAS holds no prejudice on any matter.  None of the advice offered is professional and should not be interpreted that way. If medical advice is needed, it is always best to consult with a qualified Avian Veterinarian.