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The OAS "Indian Summer" Bird Fair will be held

Saturday, September 9, 2017

We want to thank each vendor for attending our March, 2017 Fair at the Central Park Hall @ Expo Square. Many of the vendors said they had a successful day and they were very happy with the public attendance; in which we set a new record attendance at this facility.  We have been working very hard on planning the Summer Fair at the same NEW LOCATION. The new location is at Central Park Hall @ Expo Square (Tulsa Fair Grounds) near 21st & Yale. This is a much larger space and is all in one room, and we are improving the layout from the fall fair. OAS Bird Fair Chairman Jim Geurin will be handling vendor contracts and doing the table layout assignments again.

Enclosed is a new vendor contract. The deadline for contracts is August 23, 2017. Please note there is no distinction between wall and inside tables, all tables will be considered inside tables since this is mostly a large open space and very little wall area. Current OAS Members will receive a $5 discount per table as shown in the vendor contract. Additionally, there will be a small charge for electrical hook up since the facility charges OAS for this. We urge you to get your contract and payment sent in as soon as possible. Space will be assigned on a first come (with contract and payment), first served basis until all the spaces are sold out. Click the below link for the Vendor Contract.

Vendor Contract 2017

In order to keep the prices the same as before, OAS will not be serving pizza the evening before nor doughnuts and coffee the morning of the event.

Vendor set-up times are as follows:

Friday (September 8) – 2:00 pm till 8:00 pm

Saturday (September 9) - 7:00 am till 9:00 am

There are many motels and restaurants in the area. An internet search would be the best way to get the latest information.

We hope to see you again in September!

Jim Geurin, OAS Bird Fair Chairman