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Message from our President




It is with great sadness to announce that the bird club has been dissolved.

  On a happier note, we will continue to meet up.  Please like the Facebook page for further details.  February 25th will be our first meeting.  We will be making toys for our birds and having a great time.  Please plan to attend if you are able.

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If you are a current member or lifetime member of the club you are urged to attend.


The future of the bird club will be discussed and voted upon.   The club still needs volunteers for President and Treasurer.  If you love our Bird Fairs, please consider volunteering for the Bird Fair Coordinator.

If no one volunteers to fill these positions a vote will be held to dissolve the club.  We hope to see all paid and lifetime members at this meeting.  Please plan to attend.



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Please attend the emergency meeting on Dec 27th


The Oklahoma Avicultural Society is seeking volunteers for the board positions of President, and Treasurer. Someone also needs to volunteer to be the Bird Fair Committee Chairman. This message is for all members whose membership dues are current and for life long members.

Our club needs your help, so please volunteer or our club will be dissolved. The club is having an emergency meeting on Wednesday,  Dec 27 at the Village Inn located at 31st and Harvard.  The time is 7:00 PM

The club cannot exist without the positions of President and Treasurer being filled, as well as the remaining position of Bird Fair Committee Chairman.  We can't host a successful bird fair without a committee chairman, someone willing to commit the time and effort. It's a big job and we only have small group of dedicated (and  tired) people working very hard to put on every bird fair.

 We are down to the wire now, in making the final decisions as to the survival or dissolution of OAS.

If OAS is dissolved, that means, no monthly meetings for fellowship with other bird owners and no guest speakers sharing important information about living with our birds.  It also means, the end of the OAS bird fairs.
Only you members, through your participation, can save the club. Please come to the meeting and help make the final decisions about the future of our club.

Thanksgiving Potluck and Gift Exchange




20171113_054548Follow the link to the event on Facebook.   https://www.facebook.com/events/2005551876379324/?ti=cl

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Please step up and be a part of our Bird Club.

Love parrots? Love meeting people who love parrots too? The Oklahoma Avicultural Society is seeking to elect new board members. Nominations for the First VP - Chairman of the Publications and Advertising Committee. Lisa Woodworth is the current First VP and has been renominated; Second VP - Chairman of the Program Committee - Vicki Echert has been nominated for this position; Secretary - April Bearhead has been nominated for this position; Board Member at Large - Kathleen Jones has been nominated for this position. The positions of President, Treasurer, and the American Federation of Aviculture Delegate need to be filled. The club is also looking for a website manager and Bird Fair Coordinator. Current paid members and lifetime members please consider nominating for any position. Our club needs your help to continue being a club. The club will be dissolved if we don't get new board members.  We will be voting for new board members or voting on dissolving the club at a special meeting coming up.

Debbie Davis
OAS President

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