Holiday Party – “Dirty Santa” (tee-hee)


parrots-xmas-tree  On Sunday, November 24, we will have the last meeting of the OAS for 2013.  It's also a transition time to a new Board.

Plan to meet at the Hardesty Library about 1:30 that day, bringing your favorite dish to share and a wrapped gift to put in the pool for the dirty Santa know the one where numbers are drawn til everyone's had a chance to pick a gift from the pool or steal it from someone else.  The maximum dollar cost this year is $20, but there are lots of things that we can have fun with that don't cost that much.

We plan to have loads of fun that day.  The downside is that because of Library issues, we should probably leave our birds at home.  I know they add a lot to the day, but until the dust settles, it's probably best to be safe than sorry.

See you there!!

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If you’re not doing anything 1/27/13 afternoon…


come meet with the "bird people" of the OAS.  We're having a dinner and a movie event at the Hardesty Library, 8316 East 93rd Street, where we'll share a meal and then watch "Life with Alex".  If you are the parent of an African grey parrot, or wanting to learn more about them, this will be of interest to you.

So plan to join us at 2:00.  Check the event board at the library lobby to see what room we're in.  Bring the family and plan to have a good time while learning more about what the Oklahoma Avicultural Society is all about.

Hope to see you there!

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